We handcraft all our products from start to finish to make sure that you get the best out of your products.

We know that leather is so durable, that it can last for decades.

However, overtime, leather requires care as it loses moisture and oils which cause it to break rather than stretch.

So leather is just like your skin, it needs to be moisturized and looked after.


The handcrafting of our leather products results in a high quality finish.

Storing your leather appropriately will help maintain its quality and life.

Overfilling your leather products may cause it to stretch and can affect its original silhouette & stitching.

Wet leather requires a lot more care, be sure to avoid exposing your leather to rain. 

As your leather product ages, it will attract scratches and marks.

To avoid heavy scratches, avoid contact with heavy jewelry, sharp objects & surfaces.


* Using a dust bag, or storage bag for your leather will help avoid scratches.

* When storing your bags for an extended period, wrap the zips to avoid unnecessary imprints and marks.

* Clean your leather with a soft brush or cloth.

* Blot away water, moisture & stains as soon as possible.

* To ensure long lasting leather & suppleness, use a leather conditioner every 3-6 months. We recommend X conditioner

* Clean spots and stains with a mixture of soap flakes and warm water.



* Regularly clean leather with a soft brush or cloth

* Regularly air out leather

* Dry wet leather naturally, away from artificial heat.

* Keep your leather away from sharp objects/ surfaces


* Don't machine wash leather

* Don't get leather wet wherever possible

* Don't dry wet leather next to a radiator or with a hairdryer

* Don't iron/ tumble dry leather