Handcrafted, Quality Leather Goods.

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How it all started

With a foot in Vietnam and a foot in the Middle-east, Valk was founded in 2019, by Chris, Theunis and Crystal for one simple reason.

The love of leather.

On our travels we discovered a world of leather we had never before imagined, and like Marco Polo we wished to bring it back to our kin.

Who we are

There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. And we are the walkers. The wanderers. The doers of deeds.

Our faces are marred by sweat and blood, and the dust of the path that must be walked. And we walk it gladly, with curiosity and with our faces turned to rising sun.

With open eyes and open hearts.

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The Leather

Also called “crazy horse” or oiled leather, Pull-up leather is characterized by having beautiful shifting colors and tones as the leather is touched and bent and used.

Run the tip of your finger against the back of the leather and see how it changes. This is what we discovered on our travels and was part of the inspiration for starting this project in the first place.

This leather is the truth. Leather as it should be. It seems that all leather products these days have the words “genuine leather” attached to them as a stamp of quality.

So more processing = natural look? That doesn’t follow.

So less processing = natural look. That follows.

The Product

We love leather because it’s strong, reliable and of the earth.

Our goal is to make you the last wallet, or knife roll, you will ever need. Where ever you go, your VALK goes too. As you change, so it will change with you. Getting better with time.

You have things. When you go somewhere, you may need them.

So you take them with you … in a bag. The bag should be tough, should carry your things and you should like it. Valk bags are tough, they’ll carry your things and you may even love yours.

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